The development of performance-based building codes in Australia and New Zealand in the 1990’s has seen the rise in demand for easily certifiable fire and smoke protection systems.

Partnering with leading local and international organisations, Smoke Control was created to design and install systems that satisfied changing fire and smoke control requirements, while meeting project objectives, including freedom of architectural design.

Today, constant research and development continues to enhance our offering of fire curtains, smoke curtains, fire shutters and fire rated glazing bringing the most innovative technology to both regular and unique project challenges.

Our products are backed by unmatched technical expertise. We can assist in solution development for virtually all fire and smoke protection designs.  Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.  


Brendan Kennedy
Brendan Kennedy
Managing Director
Mike Allen
Mike Allen
Sales Manager
Contracts Department
Contracts Department

Brendan has more than 20 years’ experience in the fire protection industry, from design and documentation through to construction, commissioning and maintenance. With a Bachelor of Engineering (Mech) and Masters of Fire Safety Engineering (MFireSafeEng), Brendan is well equipped to provide technical support and advice.


Smoke Control has proudly partnered with a number of industry leading companies to ensure the highest quality products and specialised advice is available to our customers.

All our suppliers are ISO 9000 accredited.

Smoke Guard manufactures innovative, aesthetically appealing smoke containment systems that restrict vertical smoke movement within buildings.

Stöbich are preventative fire protection specialists, with a number of products and solutions meeting flexible architectural requirements.

Vetrotech/St Gobain is a leading producer of state-of-the-art fire resistant glass products, developed through innovative research and development

Chung Tai has designed and provided high quality roller shutters – both fire and non-fire rated – to the international market for over 25 years.


Wrightstyle provide a comprehensive, industry-leading range of guaranteed products that offer both internal and external fire protection

Brakel manufactures natural smoke and heat ventilation systems that are of the highest quality within the industry.

Smoke Control manufacturers its own range of fire and smoke curtains for small to medium span openings, fire windows and fully glazed fire doors.





PFPA: Smoke Control is a Gold Member of the Passive Fire Protection Association (PFPA), an organisation established to promote the installation and maintenance of the systems and components that provide passive fire protection in the built environment.


Smoke Control is committed to the achievement of a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work environment. We recognise that OHS&E is an individual and shared responsibility and aim to provide information, induction and training to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding. We also seek to ensure OHS&E policies are regularly implemented, reviewed and updated, and to encourage environmentally responsible practice.

We are committed to a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work environment.


We believe consideration for our environment is one of our most important responsibilities and have implemented a systematic approach to controlling pollution of the environment. Smoke Control is committed to introducing preventative maintenance programs, including correct waste disposal procedures, at each work site we are involved with.

If you would like to see our OHS&E Polices, please contact us on 09 300 1980.

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09 300 1980