Fire windows installed into an apartment built on a boundary


SmokeControl can provide fire protection for building on a boundary. A -/60/- solution is required for building on a boundary that is within 3m of another building as per the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Clause C3.4.

No more shutters! Metal fire shutters can be very large, heavy and unsightly. Stopline and Autofire windows can be used instead of metal fire shutters because they have a fire rating of -/60/- when tested in accordance with AS1530.4. The system complies with the Building Code Clause C3.4.
The ultimate cost saving! Only Smoke Control offers a complete range of solutions for protecting windows close to boundaries including: Stopline fire windows, automatic closing fire windows,Metashield fire shutters, Windowshield fire curtains and Stopline fire ratedglass blocks. Use a combination of these systems to balance costs and architectural requirements.

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